Company Structure

The below diagram sets out the corporate structure of the Bortex Group following the completion of a restructuring exercise that is currently in process.

Bortex Group Holdings Co. Ltd. (the Guarantor) will carry out the holding function of the Group as the Group’s single parent entity, holding the entirety of shares in its immediate subsidiaries which include Bortex Clothing Industry Limited, Roosendaal Trading Limited, Roosendaal Hotels Limited and Shanal Limited.

The restructuring also resulted in the incorporation of Bortex Group Finance p.l.c. (the Issuer), as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bortex Group Holdings Co. Ltd. The objective of this company is to serve as the financing arm for the Group.

Overview of Group Companies

Garment Manufacturing and Retail segment

Bortex Tunisia

The Group owns a factory in Tunisia, which is  its  manufacturing arm . Bortex have invested heavily in equipment so as to enable the factory to meet the demanding exigencies and specifications of its clients.

The factory in Tunisia is geared to produce smaller and more demanding orders which also require quick through puts. The factory has a daily capacity of 400 jackets, 375 trousers and 30 waistcoats.

The Group also subcontracts the manufacture of garments to factories in China, Serbia and Bulgaria through a number of subcontracting agreements. Production at subcontractor plants is also supervised by Bortex technicians and all materials, trimming and patterns are supplied by Bortex Malta.

Malta continues to be the hub of the Bortex Group. Any design, marketing, sourcing, sales and production planning is carried out in Malta. Moreover, the shipments from Bortex factories and subcontractors transit in Malta. The only exception are Private Label orders that are shipped directly to clients overseas.

Bortex UK

Bortex UK was set up to cater for the Group’s retail business within the UK. This company however did not trade in recent years.

Roosendaal Trading Limited

Roosendaal Trading Limited handles the operation of the Group’s retail outlets for its garment sector in Malta and overseas. The range of retail outlets are multi-brand stores, in which the Group’s Gagliardi brand is sold alongside other brands imported by the Group namely, Gant, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. One of the retail outlets is a Gagliardi Flagship store situated at The Point in Sliema, where only the Gagliardi line is stocked and sold. Currently, Bortex operates ten strategically located retail outlets around Malta and Gozo. Four of the outlets are operated in terms of franchise agreements with third party operators. The franchisees pay the Group a fixed percentage of turnover and are responsible for all the outlet’s operating costs. The remaining outlets are either owned by the Group or rented from third parties.

Hospitality segment

Roosendaal Hotels Limited

Roosendaal Hotels Limited was set up on 10 July 1975.   When Sunny Borg saw how Malta’s tourism market was developing in the 70’s he took over the lease of a Sliema Hotel, the Capua Court Hotel, with a plan to open a chain of establishments.  Tourism became another passion for Mr Borg, and his company’s logo, the five petalled rose, reflected his ambitious drive to create this chain, by leasing and acquiring further hotels, namely Promenade Hotel in Sliema, Concorde, Liliana and San Mark Hotels in Bugibba. In 1996 the Group acquired the Plevna Hotel.  Over the years the rationalisation of the hospitality segment saw the Group moving out of the North and focusing on Sliema and Valletta.

Hotel 1926

The company will operate the 4-star spa/suite hotel 1926 (formerly 3-star Hotel Plevna) in Sliema. This hotel is located in a quiet residential area off Qui-si-Sana seafront and will consist of 144 rooms, of which 52 will be suites. The hotel will consist of a luxury spa, restaurant, roof terrace as well as a private beach club 200 metres from the hotel. The company intends to extend the hotel by three floors and a receded one, on top of the existing hotel. This will enhance the architectural value of the hotel. The upgrade and rebranding will set the hotel’s presence in a different market segment. Many of the new suites will boast views of Manoel Island and Valletta. The hotel will open its doors for operations in November 2018, having five functional floors. Finishing works will continue to be carried out on the new floors, with the hotel being fully functional by the end of 2018.

Palazzino Jean Pariso Boutique Suits

The Luxury boutique all-suite hotel in Valletta has opened its doors in May 2018.

TEN Apartments

Roosendaal Hotels Limited is in the process of developing a block of luxury apartments, named “TEN Apartments”, and consisting of 21 apartments and 2 penthouses over 8 floors. The ground floor is intended to be used for commercial purposes.