The Group

Bortex Group Holdings spans a broad portfolio of business interests and industry sectors born in Malta and overseas industry: manufacturing, retail, brand distribution, hospitality and real estate. The organisation employs around 640 people in Malta and abroad.

Mission & Vision Statement

The Bortex Group is a multi-sector organisation with a mission and vision that focuses on our customers, employees, community and shareholders.

While preserving our heritage, we strive to create best-in-class services for our customers, so as to provide quality and value across our extensive range of products and services in the clothing and hospitality industries. We also endeavour to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers by earning their trust and exceeding their expectations.

For our employees we value fairness, respect diversity, provide room to grow, and craft a creative place of work. For our community we are dedicated to being a force of positive action for our society and the environment. For our shareholders we will not only work towards ensuring a return on investment, but to be a place where people are happy and excited to work.