Our Mission is to create quality and value across all the products and services we offer, whilst embracing a carefully preserved heritage.

As owners our objective is not only return on investment, but also providing a place where we are happy to be working, with people we want to work with.

Our Business Sectors

Manufacturing & Retail

Hospitality & Property

Our Story

Mr Saviour Borg was a gentleman born into humble beginnings in the town of Hamrun – and very proud of his background. After the Second World War, he left Malta to join the British Merchant Navy, and travelled around the world in search of his fortune. He was an avid explorer, who visited as many places as he could. He was enthused by his journey and, on his return to Malta in the early 60s, decided to go into business tailoring clothes from a small garage close to his hometown. His pieces became popular and he began to then sell in larger quantities, both locally and overseas.

Today Mr Saviour Borg’s incredible spirit, vision and approach is a huge part of life in the brands we represent. Today the Group, led by his children, Karen and Peter, represents legacy and tradition combined with advances in technology and sustainability, enabling it to keep on evolving and growing.

Investor Relations

Bortex Group Holdings Co. Ltd. (the Guarantor) carries out the holding function of the Group as the Group’s single parent entity, holding the entirety of shares in its immediate subsidiaries which include Bortex Clothing Industry Limited, Roosendaal Trading Limited, Roosendaal Hotels Limited and Bortex Group Finance p.l.c.